John Lum Architecture designed this wonderful interior sprinkled with vintage elements of Scandinavian design. We’ve spotted this interior on Home Adore and we also wanted to share it with you because it looks really neat and modern. The  two-flat Edwardian home, called Nordquist is located in San Francisco and it suffered some transformations, in order to be meet the expectations of the client. The house looks now totally different than it looked before: the new design implied a much more luminous interior and a more spacious kitchen that features “an eclectic mix of aluminum grating, white quartzite, hi-gloss plastic laminate over Finn-ply cabinet doors, stained ash veneer, and matte-white brick tiles; a traditional nod to an otherwise modern composition.” Moreover, the idea was also to put the spots on the client’s Scandinavian furniture collection.

The interior is characterized by neutral colours. Grey meets white, yet the atmosphere is not sterile at all. In order to create a more comfortable and warm home, the designers chose to wrap the living room’s ceiling in warm notes of wood. The Edwardian details are still present (just take a careful look at the corner windows). The perfect symbiosis of old and new define this unique living space by adding to it a touch of grace.