The Suburban Beach House in Perth, Australia is a residential project especially envisioned for a young couple and their future family. No matter what the standpoint, the visual treat is diverse, as “the house is lofted above a natural limestone outcrop which becomes a shaded garden terrain below the belly of the home above”. A metallic pattern of thin pillars seems to hold the residence together, while adding dynamics to the exterior composition.

This beach house may look unusual on the outside, but the architects at David Barr & Ross Brewin developed a highly functional layout, perfectly fit for a large family residence: “The plan of the house is rationally divided into day and night zones with the separating corridor fattening at one end to become a study nook. Overall, it is a residence that challenges the conventions of detached housing in Perth: small, lifted above the ground, no front door, no garage, no front fence, no brickā€¦ a beach house in the suburbs”.