We were recently sent photos of Emma, an elegant armchair design envisioned by Färg & Blanche for Gärsnäs. According to the designers, the project is a hand-sewn, well-tailored armchair that speaks the language of craftsmanship picking up the gauntlet. The needlework here involves both form and function, elevating the classic look to a superior level. Both the seams and the stockinged legs accentuate that “well-dressed” feeling.

The Swedish – French design studio is the recent winner of the interior magazine Sköna Hem’s Furniture of the Year Award 2013, with their original armchair. The jury explained their decision: “Emma is a classic in modern garb. A well-tailored interaction between tradition and industrial manufacturing. An acquaintance with a long history, dressed in the latest fashion: tight elegant and feminine with leggings”. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Färg & Blanche]