Recently renewed by Loucas Zahos Architects, the Taringa House, located in a tranquil suburb of Brisbane, Australia boasts a wonderful interior characterised by transparence and brightness. Originally, Taringa House functioned as a worker’s cottage. After the “intervention”, only a few of the original elements were kept. One of the elements was the street façade (the client’s wish was to keep it “untainted” and let it follow the neighbourhood’s traditional design line).

This “old vs new” division generated a clear contrast between the building’s forms. “The ‘old’ cottage functions as an entrance from street level, also accommodating a guest bedroom, bathroom and overflow living space. The ‘new’ addition is the core of everyday living in the house. It contains the kitchen, main living area, dining and bedrooms.”

The living room opens up to the terrace and the courtyard. What’s really interesting is that all the glass work  makes a Jacaranda tree (one of the old elements kept “alive”) visible from almost any room. The family lives in the new structure while the old part has been transformed into a guesthouse.