Wood is one of the fine materials that never go out of trend. It’s an inspiration for all architecture enthusiasts out there because it’s both modern and classy. It’s like the little black dress from a woman’s wardrobe. It’s bold and influential and it establishes a connection between man and the environment. It is warm and familiar and most of the times, this is a really important issue, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect décor for your home, the place where you intend to spend some time for a while. We’ve spotted this interesting house on Plastolux and we felt like sharing it with you too. Now, when it comes to Portland, there’s an interesting phenomenon going on: there’s always something new (and modern) in the way.

The interior of this particular house is bright and it opens up to the courtyard, boasting a sense of volume and space. The wood excess creates a cozy ambience, something to remind us of the comfortable and inviting mountain chalets, only less crowded. Breezy and elegant, the place is perfect for someone that loves freedom. The facade, the interior staircase, the ceiling, even the shower – all these have a common element: wood.