A gorgeous place to eat when in Barcelona. A powerful mix of exuberance and minimalism, the union between two great cultures, one minimalist and quiet and the other, loud and abundant, both strong and influential meet and create this great fusion of tastes and flavours. Ikibana restaurant is the expression of two cultures that are both very passionate about nature. On one hand, there’s Japan, where the dialogue between the man and the natural ambient is very important and on the other, there’s Brazil, a country that exhales lushness through its landscape. Ikibana is the work of El Equipo Creativo, that managed to design a great place for people who like exploring antagonistic cuisines.

The artificial environment created is overwhelming: imagine wooden stripes reminding of Brazil’s richness spread all over the ceiling and walls, while Japanese decorations embellish the already crowded atmosphere. Despite the fact that is might seem “too much”, the place looks really good and it definitely creates and impact upon who ends up dining here. For certain, you can call Ikibana an unforgettable place and eventually, if it ends up being memorable, it’s all that matters. The name of the restaurant is borrowed from Ikebana, the art of arranging flowers, deeply rooted in the Japanese culture and born out of respect for nature. The restaurant’s design is based on these core principles, seeking to create a space composed of materials, both living and dried.