Yo Yamagata Architects completed the design of a three-level residence located in Saitama, , The design team managed to maximize the space (54.98  square meters) and create functional interiors filled with natural light. Three major components make up the structure of the building. The first is a buffer zone, an inspiring indoor-outdoor boundary consisting of a small courtyard, a terrace, and outside room, all partially hidden from the street with the help of wooden louvers.

Next off, there is the body of the building itself, containing the living spaces. The slot is the third element of the design (you can see the entire layout in the house plans attached at the end of the post). It is here that the architects envisioned a narrow atrium allowing light and air inside the residence and ensuring natural ventilation. The interior approach is minimalist, with arrangements playing a strong practical role. What do you think are the pros and cons of living in this particular home?