Advocates of the “Green City” concept, the creative team at WOHA developed a hotel design with a surreal appearance. PARKROYAL on Pickering is a highly modern architecture project in Singapore, combining concrete organic shapes with simple rectangular volumes and incredible sky-gardens. Greenery flourishes at every four levels of the hotel, visually blending the massive accommodation unit with the neighboring park.

The concept of the green building derived from a need to create a local landmark that would be associated globally with the skyline of Singapore: “Most of Singapore’s recent architecture – especially in and around the city centre – is nothing more than generic and can be seen anywhere in the world, regardless of climate and culture. An equilibrium point of architectural anonymity has been derived from a number of factors. Finally the city has a uniquely expressive urban landmark that reinterprets and reinvigorates its location”. We love the garden theme behind this imposing hotel design and are looking forward to reading your thoughts as well.