Inspired by the Ionic architecture order, Studio 65 designed a seat, chaise and side table for lounging entitled Colonna. By literally breaking down a column, the designers developed three seating units, each with a well designed personality. The upper part of the “stack”, “Capitello”, is also the most alluring one, presenting interesting details from every standpoint and offering a high level of comfort.

The middle piece (“Attica”) is a cozy seat with a dotted black and white cushion- a small, yet very interesting addition to the overall composition. “Attica TL” is the base, consisting of a central table with a glass top. Even though the project was especially created for the outdoors, we can not imagine why the trio can’t be brought inside, with enough space available. The creative furniture collection- which we are certain appeals to those of you living for classic design inspiration- is available for purchase at Gufram.