We discovered the idea of twin homes on Freshome a while back, yet this project managed to surprise us. Antonio Altarriba Comes developed an interesting ensemble of six modern semi-detached homes in a row plus a seventh independent villa showcasing the same design style. The project (found on ArchDaily) is located in Rocafort, Valencia, Spain and occupies a total surface of 2,135 square meters.

According to the architects, “the whole group is a combination of different pieces that come together indifferently, getting the suggestive unity of variety that is the pursuit of contemporary architecture. The volumes consist mainly of two elements: the ground floor, which is completely opened to the exterior through its north and south sides and the upper floor, built with natural stone, with drilling façades depending on the interior needs“.  Each of the dwellings has a small inner courtyard enclosed in glass- a captivating design addition making up for the lack of green space. [Photographs: Diego Opazo]