This residence in Johannesburg, South Africa developed by the team at Summersun Property Group and initially discovered by Freshome on Sotheby’s is a massive display of opulence. The generously-sized house features five bedrooms, five bathrooms and large living areas for social encounters. The alternation between covered and open spaces contribute to its breezy, holiday-inspiring appearance.

Flanked by a pond on one side and by a swimming pool on the other, the two levels of the building are subtly reflected by water- probably an appealing sight, especially during night time. Once inside, a potential visitor is welcomed by spacious interiors, filled with natural light and refined design compositions. Except for the wall color, which is constant throughout the residence, no room is similar to the next, each interior having it own well defined personality. Currently on sale for $4,115,583, the project also features a strong security system, a home theater and a fitness center.