The project entitled ‘The Glass House” consists of a traditional-like home adorned with modern extensions of glass. As a result, the house adopts a very contemporary look, inviting you into a bright and luminous interior. This project was completed in 2012, July, by the award-winning AR Design Studio, in Winchester, England. The clients (a couple) wanted to keep the traditional façade but they also wanted to add a touch of contemporary. The couple’s love for glass had a significant part in choosing the right design studio to deal with the renewal of the existing house.

“Hidden from view behind the buildings traditional façade, the finished extension is an elegant piece of modern contemporary glass architecture. It completely reinvents the feel and atmosphere of the previously dark and cramped servants’ quarters; all within the rich and poignant historical context of the site.” The new and neat approach consisting of a light architectural intervention alongside with the traditional elements enhances the contrasts between old and new. The new structure creates a dialogue with the nature, allowing it inside the house. Cooking becomes a pleasure, as you experience the green lush vegetation surrounding the glass structure. It feels almost like the kitchen is located outside. Flooded by light, the interior feels lightweight and breezy. How do you feel about this burst of minimalism?