Armandale House is a residential project defined by Jackson Clements Burrows in one of Melbourne’s suburbs, in Australia. The existing Victorian house was renewed, in order to obtain a more contemporary look. More spacious than before and equipped with an upper level extension, the Armandale House exhales elegance and sophistication. “The scope of work included a complete refurbishment of the existing Victorian House and a new upper level extension separated into two private zones for parents and children.”  Basically, the main floor is reserved to social interaction, while the upper floor accommodates the more private areas. 

“The house features high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass windows, pool, separate self-contained accommodation/gym and sits on a 2,032m2 (21,872 sq ft) lot.”  The open space living room is connected to the green courtyard, allowing natural ventilation. The interior showcases bold Victorian features, creating an exquisite atmosphere: the office suggests sobriety, being adorned with contemporary artwork and fine leathers. The exquisite fusion of classic and modern gives birth to a beautiful new living space. The house is currently for sale.