GV-17 House was envisioned by AVP Arhitekti + SANGRAD as a practical and welcoming home for a family living in Martin na Muri, Croatia. The residence is neighbored by an orchard and offers great views of a more distant forest. According to the architects, the concept behind the building was to “start from the simplest idea of the house and rotate the upper part. By doing so, an L- shaped elevation was achieved, which accentuated the entrance and covered part of the terrace on the ground floor“.

White plaster and dark cement plates chromatically define the two levels of the the GV-17 project. The interior design is minimalist with simple planning creating functional living zones. The ground floor hosts a generously-sized hallway, a living area and kitchen, while the first level accommodates two bedrooms and a study gallery in between, connected to the outdoor terrace. Have a look and tell us what you think!