It is not difficult to correlate the design of this home with an artist’s vision. Designed by Calico Studio, this retreat in the state of Washington, USA displays a strong personality throughout: “Our artist wanted a space that would call her to create. The studio is tucked in between existing trees in close proximity to the main house providing a visual connection to her family that can easily be broken and re-established“, explain the architects. The name of the project reveals its source of inspiration: the spirals of the Nautilus, reflected in the location and overall shape of the building.

Exposed beams are the defining elements for the design, reaching out from the studio into an interesting looking overhang, thus providing space for the family to get together and relax outdoors. Specific features were carefully planned: “The spaces are flexible and the custom wheeled furniture can be set up on the fly to adjust to the needs of the artist. A downed cedar tree milled on-site was utilized for the furniture. The overhang was designed using sun diagrams to prevent direct sunlight from bleaching the textiles inside“. With its unique placement and the artist’s colors seemingly taking over the entire design, it is hard not to develop a soft spot for this creative dwelling.