Photo credit : Oded Antman

Last week Freshome founder Micle Mihai-Cristian attended the Wolf Prize ceremony at the Israeli Parliament – The Knesset – on the 5th of May thanks to Kinetis ( Kinetis is a nonprofit educational organization established to promote, at home and abroad, the recognition of Israel as a vibrant and inspirational source of creativity and innovation). At this ceremony Portuguese architect and 2011 Pritzker Prize winner Eduardo Souto de Moura has been awarded Israel’s prestigious Wolf Prize for 2013. This year Souto De Moura was being honored for his achievements in architecture while other prizes are given to scientists in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and agriculture. Since 1978, Wolf Prize recipients have been annually award to honor those who have advanced the fields of art and science. Often, they are considered to be strong contenders for Nobel prizes, , as about one out of every three laureates in chemistry, physics and medicine have gone to receive the Nobel.. Laureates received their awards from Israel President Shimon Peres at Israel´s Parliament, in Jerusalem.