The Promenade Residence is a two-storey luxury home envisioned as the perfect “resort-like” house. The project was designed by BGD Architects in Queensland, Australia aiming to offer a unique and permanent vacation-like living experience to its inhabitants. Rich in cut outs and with a stunning swimming pool, the house provides natural breeziness and the perfect ambience to enjoy a stressless lifestyle. “The approach to the house, presents a structured and grounded design, balanced by the delicate screen pattern and soft landscaping. At night, the house transforms to a glowing lantern.”

The house is located nearby the water, enabling stunning views. What’s really interesting and what catches your attention, is the steel curtain, like a smooth embroidery wrapping the bedrooms, on the exterior. It adds a touch of sophistication and it provides a decent amount of privacy. The living room has a high ceiling and it connects with the dining room. This lack of compartmentation enhances the feeling of breeziness, which is a positive thing, after all. Gorgeous chandeliers hang from the ceiling, creating a spectacular atmosphere, especially in the evening.