Located in a small village called Osterreinen, in Reiden am Forggensee, Germany, House K is a compact home with strong rustic notes, a peaceful oasis and the perfect place to forget for a second about all that technological development that surrounds us. Instead, the place is really nice to spend some time enjoying the simple things in life, such as long walks, good books, the birds singing their joyful little ditty and in general a mild, uncluttered lifestyle. House K was designed by becker architekten. This rural residence respects the general architectural line of the village, emphasising a 70s like structure, an analogy to the local rural houses.

The facade in wrapped in wooden lamellas and the windows also feature wooden shutters, to reach a homogeneous appearance. The interior is all-white and the house is oriented towards a low energy consumption. As a consequence the house is equipped with a special ventilation system and a wood-pallet burner with floor heating. Nothing too modern, nothing edgy. A home completely unaltered, that despite the traditional-like methods of sustainability is very comfortable and welcoming.