Metarquitectura designed this fabulous house in Puebla, Mexico, called House Lev, that relies on basic geometry that break the constructive logic of the materials used in defining it. The volumetric structure has high ceilings, enhancing the feeling of breeziness. Despite the abundance of concrete used, the house looks rather light and playful. Steel and concrete are the main materials used in defining it, but the structure also features wooden notes that are not to be neglected. Somehow, the industrial notes unveil themselves (the use of concrete, the “unfinished” kind of look adorned with horizontal lines, the architecture’s simplicity).  Functionality is one of the main characteristics. Ornamental elements that had no practical function did not represent an interest for the architects.

The interior is spacious and bright. The living space exhales transparence and allows a good light penetration. Transparent glass panels replace the walls, creating a seamless transition between the environments. An enchanting garden spreads ahead, inviting you to enjoy nature and recharge your batteries in the “mystic embrace” of a tranquil environment.