Casa IJburg, defined in 2011, in Amsterdam by Marc Prosman Architecten studio is quite peculiar for a family home. To start with, it was built on one of the six  artificial man-made islands that compose the IJburg district. This rectangular villa is designed respecting some “uniformity of volumes” island principles. The glass facade is framed with vertical timber cladding and as another distinctive elements, the geometric shaped recesses define the porch and the balcony. The client’s request was to achieve a wonderful breezy living space that compliments the surroundings.

The front entrance is marked through a concrete frame. As you step inside, you explore the kitchen on the left and the living room on the right. The living room is orientated towards the water, offering wonderful relaxing views while the kitchen is filled with natural light. The entire house is characterised by transparence, but somehow that doesn’t affect the client’s privacy. The timber cladding “hides” exactly the private areas, the bedrooms, located at the upper floor. Neat and simple, the IJBurg villa is a wonderful home for those who seek to disconnect from a hectic lifestyle. Photo courtesy of Milad Pallesh.