Take a look at the Glencoe Residence characterised by a minimal use of walls. The house was designed by the architectural studio Robbins Architecture in Glencoe, Illinois and it totally meets the client’s expectations. Emphasising a neat living space, the architects tried to achieve a wonderful airy and meaningful environment, that eliminates the classic space division. The open space favours a seamless transition between environments, while the fluidity and breeziness enhance the feeling of freedom. “Upon entering, the house unfolds back to the exterior. Open stair risers align with a reflecting pool providing a glimpse of the yard. The living room celebrates the dramatic ravine view using a 35 foot glass wall so that the trees appear to enter the space.”

The residence is surrounded by lush vegetation and it features a wonderful terrace where one can enjoy wonderful moments filled with ravishing sunsets and tranquil melancholic morning sunrises. Back inside the house, we notice the wooden decorations. Wood panels and dark-toned floors define an elegant living space, decorated in neutral colours. Cozy, comfortable and stress-free, this house favours a tranquil lifestyle.