When it comes to small apartments, it’s mandatory to stay creative. The hardest part is to provide an uncluttered environment and create as much space as possible using smart methods. It’s more difficult to expand and make a house look more spacious than it actually is. This is why transforming micro-lofts and adapting them it’s never an easy job. Specht Harpman has recently finished this compact four-level apartment on the Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York. Undoubtably, Manhattan is one of the top elite choices when it comes to real estate investments.

Living in the very heart of a city that offers you endless possibilities – that is one awesome experience. Of course, some of us dream of wonderful spacious lofts overlooking the skyscrapers, with wonderful French bakeries just around the corner, with crowded restaurants and bohemian coffee shops, with people running fast, but the truth is that a micro-loft nicely decorated would also work. It’s New York – go out and live the life you’ve always imagined! Back to our minuscule-sized apartment – every inch of space ended up having multiple functions. If case you look for traditional storage spaces, you will end up being disappointed. The entire apartment features unusual closets.

The vertical circulation enhances the feeling of space.  “The main bath and shower, in fact, are also built below the primary staircase. The kitchen featured fully concealed appliances, flip up high storage units for easy access, and a countertop that wraps into the main living space, becoming a virtual “hearth” with built-in entertainment system.” The bedroom is located at the upper floor and the really nice thing is that you have access to a small green oasis, on the rooftop.