Liebel Architekten BDA designed this wonderful serene house in Affalterwang, Aelen, Germany. The house spread over two levels, the garden ground floor level and the first floor, where all the compartmented rooms receive sun from the south.  A small courtyard surrounds the house and a small-sized mound covers the front of it. The mound is one of the elements that stand out, adding a shade of personality to this Affalterwang residence. It is a reason of joy for children because they can play on it in wintertime with their sleighs.

The ground floor accommodates the bedroom and a study area (the more intimate spaces), the rest of the rooms being located at the upper floor. The open plan kitchen enhances the feeling of breeziness, being connected to the courtyard through a wide terrace, where you can enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee. The blocks of stones discovered while excavating the foundation pit remained in the courtyard and served as “natural” decorations. The house is simple, neat, modern, luminous and airy. The perfect family home!