Hebil 157 is a complex of five villas, located nearby Hebil Bay in Turkey. The architecture of these five villas reminds of the crystallized lava flows of the legendary Volcano Kos. The terrain was a little bit rough but that was actually part of the original plan, because, in order to obtain the cascading lava flows effect, the architects had to seek for site irregularities. Bodrum was the right place to develop such a complex architectural structure because it corresponded to the plan on paper.

Hebil 157 is a project designed by Aytac Architects, an Istanbul-based architecture studio. “Each villa is positioned strategically. All equally benefit from vast and wonderful views of the bay as they interact with the surrounding Aegean landscape, and the Mediterranean Breeze.”  The structure embraces the site, despite its geometric-contemporary look. The interior is very breezy and envisioned as a fluid space. Floor-to-ceiling windows add a touch of transparence, creating the perfect ambience to relax, favouring a stress-free lifestyle. The terrace accommodates an infinity swimming pool, with spectacular views over the bay. The interior spaces were decorated with volcanic basalt, in order to keep the volcano theme inspiration alive.