As strange as it looks, the Canvas furniture, showcased at Milan Design Week 2013, is a real object and not a simple avant-garde painting with baroque details. We’ve spotted this peculiar furniture item on This is Colossal and we found out that Canvas, a canvas shaped chair with a drawing of a chair, is the work of YOY, a Japanese design studio that pays a special interest in creating unusual design, that definitely stands out and makes an impression on whoever ends up seeing it.

Canvas is cool, lightweight and ingenious. “A frame made of wood and aluminum is covered by an elastic fabric printed with texture of a canvas and a drawing of chair.”  You can use this “work of art” by leaning it against a wall. The Canvas furniture comes in three different shapes, so basically you can choose from a stool, an armchair or a sofa (a two-person seat). The fun part is that your guests will have no idea that the exquisite work of art you keep in your house is actually real furniture. In case you have an edgy sense of style and you are not “afraid” of avant-garde, you can definitely upgrade your home with intriguing furniture items and completely transform it!