Villa Piedad is a wonderful living space decorated by the designer Marta Badiola, who had the courage to purchase a home in one of the most expensive cities of Spain, San Sebastián, and decorate it. The house was originally a two-family house from 1950. In time, the building suffered some transformations. Marta Badiola bought one half of the under-roof space and adapted it to her own needs. She created an elegant interior, very neat but cozy. The wooden staircase carries your steps from the living room to the studio/bedroom.

The apartment’s surface is 52 square meters but her fantastic way of innovating a compact space gave the feeling that there’s more. The interior is filled with artistic decorations and wooden finishings. What’s really nice about this home is that fact that she really managed to combine wonderfully ideas and create a complex environment that brings together work and living under the same roof. The mezzanine serves as a studio, but it can also be easily transformed into a bedroom when she has friends over. Compact and elegant, the small living space is an oasis of relaxation, a cozy home and a neat office.  Photo courtesy of Francisco Berreteaga.