Sien Studio has finally unveiled its latest work, the 2R avant-garde armchair at the 52nd edition of Milan’s Furniture Fair. A full expression of minimalist, 2R exhales sophistication and elegance, due to its simple, yet graceful design. The 2R armchair can compliment the interior of a breezy living room, changing the entire ambience. Its “raw” shape, a playful geometry crafted in white oak (from Terra del Fuego region) break the monotony of the regular curvy shapes of an armchair. This peculiar white oak used in defining the armchair is a symbol of strength and uniqueness in the Chilean culture.

Its colour, density and shape make it look sleek. Despite its fragile silhouette, the armchair proves to be very solid and stable. The 2R armchair can be a wonderful acquisition: it comes equipped with a wonderful salmon skin material enhancing the feeling of preciousness. It fits people with exquisite tastes, who are not afraid to transform the act of decorating their homes into a playful experiment.