As the summer approaches rapidly, we sink into a deep state of melancholia, dreaming about our beloved moments of relaxation, when nothing and no one can put pressure on us. Away from the city rush, away from chaos, in the warm sapphire water of the Gulf of Thailand, lies the private Song Saa island, a tropical oasis dedicated to your senses, aiming to disconnect you from any kind of stress source. Luxurious and high class, the Song Saa Private Island Resort is the ultimate luxury spot, being located in a place where you can still find untainted beaches, with sparkly white sands.

Song Saa is Cambodia’s first private resort island. The villas that float on water capture a heaven-like picture, especially at dusk when the sky and the waters begin to change colours. By keeping the natural assets untainted, the private island looks like a framed piece of paradise. The Song Saa Private Island Resort is also known as The Sweethearts (being a wonderful place for young couple who want to experience the tropical ambience). Song Saa is all about luxury and intimacy. Here you can explore “dramatic sunsets, seascapes and starry nights”.