Envisioned as a weekend retreat, the Stacked Cabin located in Wisconsin, USA is a modern version of a mountain-like cabin, designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects. The major difference between a regular cabin and this one is the structure itself. Instead of a classic roof and a discrete wooden dwelling, here we are, looking at a minimalist cabin, made of  concrete, cedar, anodised metal and cementitious plaster. The clients wanted something built on budget, a spot of their own in the middle of the woods, where they can enjoy the simple things in life, after an exhausting week, something like a walk through the woods, a beautiful view, the quiet surroundings or the brilliant morning sunrises, filled with freshness and wilderness. 

The cabin is flooded by light in daytime, due to the floor-to-ceiling windows and gives you the odd, pleasant feeling of belonging in a place, where wilderness reigns. Inside, “floor-to-ceiling curtains on either end of the living hall can be moved or retracted, their undulating fabric and delicate texture adding a sensual dimension to the crisp interior palette. Depending on their arrangement, the curtains can provide privacy for the sleeping rooms, open them up to the main living space, or screen the kitchen when not in use.”  Neat, simplistic and relaxing, the Stacked Cabin is a wonderful place to disconnect from the routine.