Meet this stunning guest house in Duchess County, New York. The LM Guest House was designed by Desai Chia Architecture, in order to create a better relaxing environment for the client’s weekend vacations. The weekend retreat is surrounded by lush vegetation, offering beautiful views and the perfect serene atmosphere, in order to eliminate all the tension and recharge your batteries, after a long, exhausting week. The dwelling has a longĀ parallelepiped-like shape and no walls. Glass replaces the classic wall structure, in order to create a seamless transition between the indoor and the outdoor environment. The steel frame “allows the roof to cantilever dramatically over the open living areas and bedroom.”

In daytime, the LM Guest House is flooded by light. The interior is neat, elegant, very breezy and quite spacious (it can accommodate up to six guests). Wonderful wooden details embellish the living space enhancing the feeling of freedom, reminding you that even though you find yourself inside the house, the view and the decorations give you that “I’m in the middle of the woods” kind of feeling. “The open living and sleeping areas flow around a compact slatted wood core that disguises the mechanical, storage, and bathing spaces. Two sleeping couchettes with built-in bunk beds provide efficient accommodations for additional weekend guests. Natural white oak wood detailing provides warmth and texture throughout the home.”