Located in Whidbey Island, Washington, USA, this modern cabin tries to integrate into the landscape. Its coherent wooden structure enhances the feeling of freedom and relaxation, in the middle of the woods. The project consists of two different structures: the cabin itself and a small guest house. Both of them are surrounded by a maze of greenery and a curtain of old mature trees. In defining the project, various notes of contemporary design can be observed. Wood meets concrete, wide panoramic windows reflect the blue waters, yet glimpses of glass and stainless embed into the house’s structure to give that contemporary look. The main material used by the architects from the Chesmore | Buck  studio, was wood. It was the client’s request, due to the island’s reputation and moreover, due to some personal believes regarding sustainability.

Inside, wood is also very present. From clear cedar wood to oak hardwood, there’s a palette of wood types that embellish this uniquely designed living space. Reflecting warmth and coziness, “the house is a true celebration of the open plan concept and the seamless experience of interior and exterior achieved by the versatility of wood.”