In order to create a perfect new relaxing home by improving an old one, you need to know what to keep untainted and what are you willing to change. Mixing old and modern is never an easy job. When it comes to  building a new structure that perfectly complements the old one, you have to play by the rules: an old dwelling has a set of aesthetic values that need to be also reflected in the new structure (it’s not a rule, but if you look for harmony, it might just help). Haus am Steinber is a project that reflects the idea shared above. Developed by HoG Architektur, the project consists of a new structure linked to an old historic wine cellar.

The wine cellar together with the modern residence are located in Oberberg, Austria, a peaceful and tranquil place, ideal for those who want to disconnect from a hectic lifestyle.  The new structure was aligned with the old wine cellar, in order to provide the same view over the landscape and maintain a symmetry.“The arrangement thus created will comprise two two-storey buildings with parallel roof ridges which are related with regard to form and materials. Both buildings become one functional unit via a cubic glass living room situated between them. This connecting element also serves as the main entrance to the building.” Photos: Wolfgang Silveri