This surprisingly beautiful home is located in Surrey Hills, Australia. The house stuns you with its neat, almost minimalistic exterior. Moreover, it gets straight to our hearts because it reflects a simple design line without getting lost in the big picture. There are many houses that respect the principle of simplicity, but only few manage to impress with it. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, isn’t this what everybody says?

Now, let’s explain why is this Surrey Hills house so stunning (and “sophisticated”). It’s “subtle” and neat. It has a wonderful garden in front and a subtle interior courtyard, where one can spend time enjoying the small things in life (a good morning coffee,  a book, a green emerald energy-charging environment, a luxurious swimming pool). The terrace is perceived as a spot for both, relaxation and social gatherings and the gardens (front and courtyard) are infused with notes of elegance. Last, but not least, the manicured landscaping complements the house’s impeccable minimalistic design. For those who are curious about the wonderful landscaping, it was adjusted by Simon McCurdy Landscaping, in order to deliver to their clients a house that reflects a tranquil, yet sophisticated lifestyle.