Located in Cologne, Germany, this modern penthouse designed by the Belgian interior designer Angelo de Bock is daring, provocative and incorporates a strong personality. The interior is sprinkled with warm tones of colour, creating that perfect ambience for a home located in a cosmopolite city such as Cologne. Let’s start with the terrace though, where there lies a rusty decorative parrot admiring the site. It has no particular function but it’s quite funny to have it there, every morning, when you go step on the terrace to enjoy the morning sun over a cup of coffee.

The interior is elegant and edgy, showcasing a variety of styles. Baroque elements meet fairytale characters, art exhibits blend with exotic arabic-like decorations. Despite the excess of details, the penthouse in Cologne looks pretty warm and welcoming, without suffocating the inhabitant. Basically you can find your inspiration anywhere in the house. There’s a small corner dedicated for reading, warm lights and surprising figurines scattered all around the living spaces, reminding you of childhood and enhancing your creative mood.