The Milan-based design studio, MammaFotogramma presented this interesting wooden sheet, simply called Woodskin. It might look just like another regular museum exhibit but it’s far more than that. Woodskin is an ultra-thin sheet of Russian plywood divided into small triangles in order to create a large range of flexibility. By simply bending it, you can create complex shapes and change the ambience of a room. The interesting aspect is that you can change its shape at any moment.  Basically, you won’t have time to get bored of it. You can use it for decorative purposes, of course, but you can also use it as solid  functional surface too.

The concept behind Woodskin was to create a surface that adapts with ease while  keeping its pleasantly-elegant aspect. “This highly flexible surface – a sandwich wood and high performance mesh – was created by a process of excavation with a CNC cutting machine. This material hold an endless potential to absorb ideas and possibilities that reflect the dynamics of the space they occupy. Recognising this potential allows to re-conceive and re-build spaces inspired by the malleability of this elegant, durable and strong material.”