Wrapped in concrete and glass, GB House designed by Bitar Arquitectos in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico is a modern retreat, offering security and seclusion. From the street side, the building resembles an imposing fortress, with simple, sober lines. But as one approaches the opposite facade, the level of openness and user-friendliness increases. Inside, warmth is suggested through an extensive use of wood and beautiful stone finishes.

The structure and layout of the residence is described by the architects as follows: “GP House has basic spaces required for a residence: living room, bedroom, family and so on, spread over two floors connected by stairs. The upstairs master bedroom and public areas (living room and game room) form the rear facade, almost entirely covered with glass. This gives lightness to the concrete structure, allowing these areas to not lose their continuity and enjoy the view of the golf course”. What is your stand regarding the overall design of this residence? Would you personally describe this place as “welcoming”?