The sunny California weather, the beaches, the fun and all the “glory” make people think that if there’s a paradise, this how it’s supposed to look like! With such a lovely view comes a lovely house. And if you manage to have a lovely house nearby the Pacific Ocean, with the breeze knocking on your windows, feeling the sand under your feet in the morning, when you go for a relaxing walk, then you’re a happy individual.

We are presenting you a home that respects the theory exposed above, that not only is located in Montecito (Butterfly Beach) but also is built from eco-friendly materials, being a sustainable LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified home. This eco luxury home was designed by  Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture.

The house is composed of three different blocks: the main house, the garage and the swimming pool house. On the top of the garage and the swimming pool, green grass has been planted. The main house is surrounded by a wooden deck that basically connects it to the swimming pool house (the ideal spot to enjoy a good book and a bitter-sweet icy cocktail.

The interior is breezy and connected to the exterior through wooden flooring. The sliding windows allow a better air circulation and a more relaxed environment. Neat and elegant, everything respects a certain “sandy-beach” design line, with warm shades of beige, white and brown. At the upper floor, you’ve got a wonderful view over the Pacific. Well, what do you think of this home, do you like it?