Characterized by an overwhelmingly-diverse geometry, the Strand Residence in Dana Point, California inspires opulent modern living. The imposing residence was envisioned by Horst Architects as a series of open spaces, strongly rooted in the environment. Every room offers extensive ocean views and reflecting ponds at each level ensure a soothing atmosphere.

No matter what the standpoint, the well selected composition of materials and textures give away the feeling of living on the edge: “Indoor and outdoor living is orchestrated by balancing views with privacy, communal space with intimacy.┬áThe clear expression of the steel skeleton structure, in filled with glass and wood, allows the structure to sit lightly along the coastal terrain, while limestone walls anchor the structure“. It is interesting to observe how the extensive use of glass does not alter privacy, as the concrete street facade does a great job sheltering the residence. How would you comment on the overall design of this modern home?