The Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences was designed by the professional architectural studio, Perkins+Will, in New York. Its remarkable new and sustainable design is daring and intriguing. This new avant-garde concept, characterised by an irregular folded-like structure, all wrapped in copper, aims to mark a new “Front Door” for the School of Engineering. The building is envisioned as a futuristic work, being organized around a multi-story gallery that allows students to circulate easily (by foot) to the campus. The intriguing learning space is vibrant and breezy: the interior is wide and luminous, adapted to the students’ needs.  Student can sit, discuss projects or share ideas over a cup of coffee in a a multi-story student lounge.

Like we previously mentioned, the new building was built respecting the lines of the eco-friendly design. Some of the eco features are: “improved building shell insulation, high-performance windows, energy efficient lighting design with occupancy and photo sensor control”. As a consequence, the building seeks to obtain the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold recognition. To wrap all up, the Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences stands out through both,its design and the impact it has on the environment. Good job and great lesson!