Secluded in a charming forest landscape in Michigan USA, Glen Lake Tower is an unusual residential retreat developed by the creative team at Balance Associates. The aim of the project was to design “a sustainable retreat that reflects the timeless beauty and simple comforts of the area“. Natural light and views of Glen Lake and Lake Michigan beyond were ensured by lifting the living zones from the ground, cleverly integrating a garage at the building’s base.

The structure of the unusual retreat is described by the architects as follows: “As intricately detailed steel stairs climb the tower, they move from exterior to interior and from more enclosed to more open spaces, culminating in a breathtaking, glass-wrapped kitchen/living/dining space at the fourth level. Here, thirty feet above the ground, the clients enjoy views of the landscape they love, from either the birch-lined interior or expansive cantilevered decks“. How do you like the output? Would you change anything about this home design? [Photography: Steve Keating]