Just as its name suggests, the Curving House envisioned by architectural firm JOHO Architecture and located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is characterized by an original twisted shape. The fundamental challenge for the architects was to adapt the residence to its uneven terrain and create a space for both parking and gardening to coexist. The problem was settled by imagining a creative form to encase the lot with more curves and by lifting the building two meters from the ground for parking space.

The choice of materials for exterior surfaces is intriguing: “The ash-colored bricks embrace the concrete surface as fish scale while slightly altering the angles. he bricks with two different surfaces were piled to form a certain pattern from angles 1° through 25°. In other words, the variation of angle is another way how the outer skin in the shape of a concave lens facing south defines the building’s existence”.  The project is said to reinterpret the traditional Korean house, with its open living room, bedroom, and kitchen on the second floor which can be divided and combined through the use of sliding doors.