CCS Architecture defined this stratified 5 000-square-foot house in Mill Valley, taking into account the magnificent surroundings and offering the best views. Surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation, the house represents an escape from the urban routine, letting your brave soul find its inspiration into this delightful décor shaped by the nature. The house is envisioned as a project on three levels (floors), with wide windows that were specially designed to capture the beauty of the oversized redwoods. Then again, there’s the terrace – an extended platform that connects the main house to a different smaller structure (more intimate), where you can just sit and enjoy the sunrise, with a glass of fresh orange juice in your hands.

Like we previously mentioned, the Mill Valley residence has three levels and each level is emphasised through a different type of material. The lower floor is wrapped in concrete (basically built into the hillside), the first floor in natural copper and the upper one in cement plaster. Due to the owner’s special  interest  in visual arts, a considerable part of the lower floor has been transformed into a painting studio and a gallery.