Spotted on Beautiful Life, the Monster Chair is…well, something worth sharing! Don’t expect something beautiful, that will simply inspire you with its dazzling presence. No, not at all! As the name already says it, the Monster Chair is something rather, anaesthetic. A design object that fits the daring ones.  It doesn’t go with everything and it’s not something you would buy for your exquisite new home. It’s something you would choose to impress the visitors. Or maybe you would go for “little monsters” if you were really into Quasimodo and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.


Inspired by the Gothic design, Marcel Wanders created a line of chairs that intrigues the imagination of any sane individual. The chairs have a steel frame and are available with or without  the monster face sewed on the black synthetic leather. The black leather fantasy he envisioned is very much connected to his personal belief in the “obnoxious” doomsday: “I will be sitting on a little stool at the head of a large table, ready for an eternal dinner. Seven dark leather chairs with ferocious faces surround the table. Eight sets of silver cutlery and white porcelain plates lay amongst copious amounts of white tulips on a fresh white tablecloth with white ribbons.”