Inspiring an exotic atmosphere, Casa San Sen designed by Alejandro Sánchez García is located in a place that not only relaxes you by soaking your senses into a deep state of tranquility but it also recharges your batteries when needed. We’re talking about Valle de Bravo, México, the type of place that conquers you with its vibrant green touch and its untainted authenticity. The exquisite picturesque home was designed to enjoy both the interior and the exterior. On one side, due to the irregular terrain, the house’s structure was raised above the ground level on metallic pillars.

The view is simply impressing. A walk on the terrace, a good conversation over a refined cup of coffee and a striking beautiful view over the lush vegetation, surrounding the house – this is paradise! A paradise sprinkled with comfortable cozy spots that brings the nature closer to you. Case San Sen spreads over one level, envisioned as a pavilion house with plenty of roof cutouts. The classic walls are replaced with transparent glass for a better light penetration, in order to create a better connection with the environment. The house borrows a rustic-exotic look due to the materials used in defining it. Breezy and neat, Casa San Sen is the type of place that makes you forget that stress even exists.