The New Old residence is a project completed in 2012 (Melbourne, Australia) by the bright architect, Jessica Liew, which tried to create a home that is both luminous and intimate. Jamie Diaz-Berrio, the photographer, was also very involved in the process, surprising some of the most gorgeous sides of the New Old. The project spreads over 360 square meters and it combines elegantly the classic brick walls and the stone pavements with modern furniture and finishings. Perceived as an open space, its living room offers a stunning view over the interior garden, a picturesque view all the way, because of the small fountain, perfectly integrated into the landscape.

Its striking simplicity gives birth to a floaty environment, that allows you to breathe. The uncluttered atmosphere is somehow the result of following the streams of a simple design line and eliminating from the very beginning all the unnecessary décor elements. In defining the house have been used plenty of natural materials such as bluestone, timber and marble. The result is an impeccable, neat and relaxing home, that is strongly connected with the environment.  What do you think of it?