Envisioned as a cozy private resort by Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates, this four-story house is nestled in a quiet enclave of Katong, Singapore. In many of the rooms, tall windows all around bring in ample day lighting into the space. Hence, the objective of this entire remodeling exercise is as much about maximizing the available footprint for the family of 7 (plus a domestic helper) as building further on this inherent architectural feature to create an uncomplicated, airy interior throughout.

With that vision in mind, the designers have deliberately kept the material palette simple, relying instead on a minimal number of colors to accentuate the tones, textures and shapes of the furniture or furnishings. This also allows key elements in the rooms to stand out more on their own and shine. This theory extends into the bedrooms and the basement level (which functions as a big activities/ entertainment room cum art gallery where the art student daughter’s own works hang). As an example, in the master suite, visual interest is created through the juxtaposition and contrast of texture and surfaces, rather than through pattern, which can interrupt the visual flow of the room.

In one of the childrens’ rooms, contrast in shapes and colors, rather than fanciful, over-the-top graphics or patterns that so typically define kids’ rooms, provide the subtle playful touch to the room. A house has to be user friendly for the owner in years to come. Overall, ample concealed storage is provided at all areas to cater to the demands of a relatively large family. A careful attention to detailing ensures a seamless look where the storage units gel into the environment, looking more like walls than bulky cabinets. [Information provided via e-mail by KNQ Associates]