Reflecting the sky’s serenity of a summer evening, with its ground-burned-by-the-sun sweet scent, the house in Villarcayo, Spain, is a nice place to live, if you plan to escape from the cluttered big city life. The one floor residence spreads over 206 square meters, mixes in an interesting way, concrete and wood, without giving you the feeling of a cold, unexpressive house. The straight lines, the rectangular shape, the floor-to-ceiling windows create an airy environment, perfect for someone who seeks serenity, light and simplicity. The project was designed by Pereda Pérez Arquitectos and defined in 2012.

A modern space, enhancing the feeling of tranquility: this is what  the house in Villarcayo is all about. The central part accommodates a wide open space social area, connected to the courtyard, while “the margins” are dedicates to the more private areas, such as the bedroom, the study room or the bathrooms. The furniture seems very much integrated  in the structure of the house. The concrete ceiling finds its reflection into the flooring. Everything is straight, rigid yet, complex. Its simple, monolithic aspect promotes the idea of formal simplicity. The coherence of every single detail is simply striking. Basically, this is what makes it so interesting and appealing. How do you find this house in Villarcayo? Do you agree that less is more?