If you’re aiming to find unconventional, yet beautiful relaxing spots, here’s one you’d really love: the picturesque concrete Observation platform, “sunken” in the middle of the lake, in Vöcklabruck, Austria. We’ve spotted it on My Modern Met and as soon as we saw it, we thought this is just too awesome to keep it just for us. The strange spot attracts tourists like a magnet, because it was designed to allow people to walk below the water surface without getting them wet. Who wouldn’t like to admire the site from the middle of the lake?

Somehow the entire project reminds us of the surreal works of art, with people that have special abilities, without being limited of their own human condition. Basically, the Observation platform is an interesting way to get a different view upon the environment. It empowers you to explore the surface of the water, just like a surrealist character. Although it promotes the idea that you don’t get wet, you’ll have to pay attention when it rains because the level of the water raises and well, you will eventually feel the water “dancing” in your shoes!