Nadim Karam & Atelier Hapsitus completed the design for a highly modern roof apartment located in Clemenceau, Beirut, Lebanon. A generously-sized deck with expansive city views, spacious interiors and impressive works of art make this a welcoming home, where creativity meets a high living standard.

The Clemenceau roof apartment is based on one curved wall that defines the living zone from the bedrooms and private zone. The rest consists of open spaces with glass separation for bathrooms whenever necessary. Specific features of the apartment have been especially designed for the client, such as the kitchen counter and chimneys. Big terraces with semi-covered areas make for a relaxation area overlooking the Sanayeh Garden, the mountain and the sea. The overall design is minimalist, sprinkled with color here and there, for extra energy. Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think! [Photography: Christina Rahme]