Half an hour by car from Tokyo and you’re in Saitama. All the houses have their own spot reserved for cars because public transportation is not available in the area. We’ve spotted a house that not only looks rather weird, but has also adapted to the  irregular outline of the site. The house with metallic cladding and horizontal stripes was designed by SNARK and OUVI  on 10,313 square meters and it was finally defined in 2012. With the parking space there also comes a small garden.

The interior is simple, neat and comfortable. The main floor’s ceiling is covered with wooden beams, making the place feel warm. The natural light is also very important, flooding the interior from South, East and West. Despite its reduced dimensions, the house has enough space to accommodate a young couple. A tranquil lifestyle is not about gorgeous eclectic design details but about the pleasant ambience. And this house was designed to provide it. How do you find its minimalism? Do you find it nice and inspiring?